Frequently asked questions

The average turnaround time is 7-10 business days (not including weekends) for branding and portrait packages and 4-6 weeks for wedding galleries. 

How long does it take to get the photos back?

Yes!! I definitely travel. I am willing to travel worldwide. Any services outside of the metro Atlanta area will occur a travel fee. For destination weddings your fee will consist of the flight and a percentage of the hotel stay. 

Do you travel?

No, if you have a specific one in mind great but if not I am able to provide you several options to choose from depending on your needs.

Do I have to find my own location

Yes, my husband provides all the videos for my clients. He has his own videography business, Aurora Videography. So we are a one stop shop for your photo and video needs.

do you provide videography services?

Branding clients will receive a platform that allows them to fully plan out their session. It's a living document so I can see all your input. JSP couples will receieve my bridal guide with TONS of help to prepare you for your big day. This makes sure we are on the same page at all times.

How do you prep me for my session?

Your session is not confirmed until your deposit is made. Your deposit is 50% of your session for branding and portrait sessions and 25% for every wedding package. The remaining is put on a payment schedule. Starting rates are found on the website and you get a full pricing brochure during your discovery call.

how much is it to secure a session?

Not automatically, you can purchase retouches for any of your favorite images for an additional fee of $30 per image.

do you retouch the images?

No, all photos will be edited for color, straightness, cropping. I do NOT provide unedited images to clients.

do you provide raw or unedited images?

what will happen if there is bad weather on the day of my shoot?

I usually keep an eye on the weather at least 48 hours ahead a time. So if I see rain in the forecast, I will contact you the day prior to reschedule. There is no fee to reschedule branding or portrait sessions as long as there isn't an indoor/studio place booked for our session. If you need to cancel and you have a space rented you will have to pay their rental fee again for your rescheduled shoot. 

I'm awkward in front of the camera. Do you help direct me at all?

Of course, I understand that not everyone is America's Top Model. So rest assured I will direct you throughout your session providing you with prompts and posing that will make sure you are looking your best!