Hey, I'm Jasmine and just like you I planned a wedding without having any idea of what I was doing and I started my own business based off my true passions in life and also had no idea what I was doing lol. But before all of that I was and still am (until May 2023), a middle school educator. I really feel like my 9-5 in the classroom helps my clients directly because I have a lot of patience (which is much needed to work with 12 and 13 year olds) and I can turn my teacher voice on and off very quickly when needed (like during family photo time on the wedding day).  Trust you're going to need someone who's not timid and who can gain control of a large group to make sure those photos move swiftly so you can enjoy the rest of your wedding day.

My personal experiences allow me to relate and empathize with all of my clients in many ways because as I said before I've been exactly where you are at this very moment before.  I know how it feels to be planning a wedding and not having the slightest clue on how you're supposed to make all these decisions people are asking you for. There's so many things I wish I knew when I got married that would have made a WORLD of difference for my own wedding day BUT luckily for you I get to share all the secrets to make sure your day goes absolutely amazing. 

And my entrepreneurs I really, really (like, REALLY) understand how it feels to  be overwhelmed, stressed and unseen in your business. You have been working your a$$ off to build this thing from the ground up and you just want to make sure you are showing up CORRECT so you can attract the dream clients that you know you can make an impact on. 

JSP is built on the mission of authentically documenting the moments that formulate your family legacies so I work with you to make sure your photos are more than just cute. I'm going to make sure they are INTENTIONAL and show exactly where you were at that very moment so your children and grandchildren and so on know exactly where and WHO they came from. 

atlanta, ga branding and wedding photographer and coach

Jasmine Smith

some of my helpful quirks...





What can I say I love all the pretty things and I love taking cute creative pictures of them! Whether it's your wedding day or your brand shoot you can guarantee I'll be there to capture all the small details. 

I love details

I am a 7th grade science teacher (I teach puberty to puberty) so that should be enough to prove my point. But no seriously due to my experience in the classroom for over a decade I have a large amount of patience. So that helps me greatly when handling rowdy wedding parties or during large family portraits or even when you just think you are asking me alot of questions. No worries nothing you can do is worse than a 12 or 13 year old so you are good! 😂

I have a great deal of patience

I haven't done my ennegram number test or anything like that but I'm sure whenever I do I'll end up being the number that's the super planner. I'm the friend that plans trips with ITINERARIES (nuff said right). But that's super helpful for YOU because I will make sure your shoot goes down without a hitch. 

I love planning

I am a world traveller. I love to see different corners of the world and meet new people with perspectives different than mine. But I have a lot of different honeymoon spots for you to think about OR if you just want a fun travel buddy, I'm ya girl!

I love to travel

so what do you say??

let's get to work!

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