Learn how to take photos and create content like a pro in less than 4 weeks

Become your own photographer between brand shoots; I'll show you how!

It's time to show up, show out and turn your social media account into a money making machine!

look no more! In three quick and easy modules I'm going to teach you how to get better results from your photography no matter what equipment you have or budget you're on. You'll be taking high quality professional looking shots – without breaking the bank – in no time!

Wouldn't it be great if YOU could brand your business exactly how YOU envisioned? I'm talking high-quality content filled with your personality that is consistently attracting more and more of your dream clients. Content that is in alignment with who you really are so you actually like showing up on social media. The freedom to just create and have fun in your passions opposed to that icky "I have to post" feeling.

Are you so busy consuming content that you've talked yourself out of trying to do the same because you don't know how?

Feeling stuck in your business because the shoot you know you need isn't quite in the budget?

The importance of showing up professionally and on-brand consistently online is constantly being drilled into small business owners heads, but the majority of them are just starting out and do not have the budget to invest in a branding session with a photographer just yet. Or they lack self confidence because they don't feel like they're ready since they're new to this entrepreneur thing.

You Can Do It Too provides you with the knowledge you need to create the content for yourself with a lower budget, zero equipment if using your phone, and the skillset to feel like more of an expert. In doing so, you release that confidence inside you so you can start showing up as the “entrepreneur” that I know you are. This course takes the budget barrier away and allows new and experienced business owners or aspiring photographers to learn how to create quality content with ease.

The diy photography course

About "You Can Do It Too"...

I really enjoyed taking Jasmine’s class. I learned what the tech settings are for my DSLR camera, I also learned about lighting which was huge because now I know the best time to go out in the natural sun for the best photos. I highly recommend this course.

What my previous students have to say...

This course was very informative and shed light on things I was doing wrong and ways to improve my product photos. I learned how to use what I have in addition to other tools I can get to produce quality product photos. The information was easy to follow and Jasmine makes sure you have a great understanding of the concepts taught.

Learn the tools necessary to edit like a pro. Finally understand what all those settings mean and how they affect your final image.



Understand lighting, the key in photography and the difference between natural and artificial light and when to use it.



Learn the equipment it takes to create the photos you want and how to use the tools you probably already have.



The Course Modules

slack community

how i edit step by step

my recommended tool list

detailed worksheets

Beyond the modules you are also getting...

ONLY $297

Total value $2,497

2 payments of $157

Manual cheat sheet

my step-by-step editing workflow

amazon product list

Group q/a calls

slack community

For the creator who's balling on a budget. 



Payment options

For the creator who's ready to work and execute immediately.



1 payment of $297

my step-by-step editing workflow

amazon product list

Group q/a calls

slack community

Manual cheat sheet

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Hey there, I'm Jasmine Smith and I am going to be teaching you all the things you need to know to start creating high quality content for your business, brand or just because. I am a self-taught photographer so I know all too well how long it takes to try to figure it out on your own via Youtube University or any other forms of free content you can find out there. 

Fast forward now I am a photographer based in the Atlanta area who specializes in both Branding and Wedding Photography. I am preparing for my retirement year from my 7th grade classroom and moving into full-time with my business and I can't wait to continue expressing my love of teaching through you guys. 

Meet your photography coach

learn more about Jasmine here

I would have had to watch over 55 Youtube Videos to figure out what you taught me in this short time

This course is different than you finding free content on Youtube or Google because it's complete information. A lot of time with free content you are only getting bits and pieces of what you need but with this course you are being given ALL THE TOOLS YOU NEED. 

Plus beyond the course you will be a part of a community with other people just like you and myself where you can chat and vent freely and get even more value to create your content. 

What makes this course different than what I can find online for free?

I am qualified to teach you the concepts within this course because I have been you. I have struggled to create my own content and I have struggled my way through all the free game and Youtube videos but guess what it took me YEARS to figure out what I'm teaching you in less than a month.

Plus, I'm ACTUALLY a teacher in real life. I have a bachelors and masters degree in education and I understand what it takes to teach all types of people no matter your learning style.

What makes you qualified to Teach this course?

This course is meant for you if you desire to create content for your brand or business but you can't afford to book a photographer every time you need photos or if you just want to have the skills to create your own content so you can create more authentic content on the go. 

It will work for you as long as you complete the content and execute on the knowledge given. It will not work if you don't take this seriously or if you don't attempt and practice these concepts within the course. 

How do I know that the course is meant/will work for me?

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