ericka's brand shoot

Ericka is the beautiful owner of The Organizing Jeanie. Her business specializes in organizing all the things we don't have the time to do and the things that we have been saying we will get to eventually. 

Since I am all about intention when we were planning this shoot I made sure we selected a location that would allow her to actually showcase her services.  Prop selection is also key as well. I had her bring the labelled containers to show that she can help with organizing your kitchen cabinets. Which is why you see the shots with her in the kitchen with the various containers. 

Then once we realized that we were limited at our Peerspace location, I suggested that we go to the Container Store around the corner because that is where she would be getting the items that she would use to organize her clients spaces. 

Every image in your branding shoot should be intentional and I feel that Ericka's shoot did just that. But I'll let you be the judge. Scroll to see more from her shoot.